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M.A. in Yoga is a two-year academic program, spread over a total of four Semesters, comprising 21 papers. Each paper shall carry 100 marks
1st Semester
Paper 1: Yoga Fundamentals & Yoga Sutra
Paper 2: Elementary Sanskrit
Paper 3: Sankhya & Advaita Vedanta
Paper 4: Practical -I
Paper 5: Practical -II
2nd Semester
Paper 1: Human Anatomy and Physiology
Paper 2: Yogic Management of Diseases
Paper 3: Practical-III
Paper 4: Practical-IV
Paper 5: Hatha Yoga Pradipika/Gheranda Samhita
3rd Semester
Paper 1: Great Yogis of India/Dhyanabindu Upanisada
Paper 2: Naturopathy
Paper 3: Ayurveda
Paper 4: Computer Applications/Communicative English
Paper 5: Practical-V
Paper 6: Seminar
4th Semester
Paper 1: Srimad Bhagavat Gita & Upanishad
Paper 2: Various Methods of Yoga Sadhana
Paper 3: Basic Physiotherapy
Paper 4: Research Methodology & Dissertation
Paper 5: Practical-VI
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